Technology of Afghanistan



Core Banking & Internet Banking

Develop IT solutions for Core Banking, Application for Internet Banking:

This application simulates model operation, management and access data of bank with basic function. It helps the agents of the bank to work easily and efficient .The clients can access their accounts quickly and easily.
 The application stores the data of clients, and calculates exactly the transactions. The application runs on Windows
web development environment. The application simulate the model operation, management and access data of a bank with basic function:
store customer information and customer’s transactions (deposit, cash and transfer).
The application divided into 2 main areas.
* The area for agent of bank
Used for operations on computer: stores customer information of new client, stores customer transactions (deposit, cash, transfer, account information). For the new client, the system automatically provides the user and password, with the help of which customers can to access their accounts by Internet Banking. The agents of bank can access the lists of customers and all transactions.
* The area for client
o For new client: registration online
o For a registered client:
After login with user and password, the client can access their account information, transfer money, see account portfolio, and change password. The clients can print the information which they need.
The application offers security for area of agent bank. To access into working area, the agents have to login with the correct user and password of the bank. The application was written with PHP, with the use of cookies and sessions. Outsiders can’t access the working area, although they have the link. For the registered clients, everyone has a personal user and password to access their account.
The software for banking management is a software which has high and optimal security and offers the user all he needs. The software is made to save time, especially when the client’s time is limited.
The application only simulates the model operation, security, management and access data of a bank. Security conditions:
Nobody has the same first name and last name Nobody has the same identity card
The balance current can be negative The application can be developable with better functions, high security and uses a internet host where clients can access their account by Internet.