Technology of Afghanistan



Key Functions

The key functions of the ICTA will include the following:
. Action research on good governance issues and change management for transformation of
. Bank of best practices, known G-G/G-B/G-C initiatives, case studies, tools and methodologies and
training modules for good governance – national and international;
. Bank of best tools of e-Governance and IT solutions to aid governments – national and
. Aiding governance process analysis and system redesigning in Central, Provincial and Local
. Gathering periodic user feedback, conducting impact analysis of public sector programs and
feeding those feedbacks to policy makers; developing standardized user feedback mechanisms
for programs , projects and services; advising the Central, Provincial and Local Governments;
. Filtering of G-G/e-G practices, developing case studies and lessons for policies and sending
regular suggestions to Central Ministries/State Governments as feedback for policy and program
. Independently over viewing the progress in implementation of National Action Plans and
Programs on G-G/e-G and advising the GoA Departments, Provincial and Local Governments on
improving implementation;
. Conducting Change Management Programs ,;
. Providing consultancy services and undertaking self/employer-sponsored management
development programs for top public managers, political leaders and trainers in India and
abroad to facilitate capacity building for change management and good governance including
good global governance;
. Networking with Central Ministries/Departments, Provincial Governments, National and State
institutions dealing with public management and training and top international and national
institutions of excellence in action research and change management for good governance for
collaborative programs , drawing and disseminating lessons from national and international best
. Virtual networking with best governance resource centers in the world and locating a digital
. Creating a knowledge bank on GG/e-G as a reference repository for the Union and States;
. Implementing a communication strategy for good governance in the country;
Conceptual Inflow and Outflow Model for Afghanistan Centre for e-Governance (ICTA)