Technology of Afghanistan



ICTA Key Objectives

ICTA Key Objectives in Good Governance initiatives in Afghanistan:
The objectives of the ICTA would be:
. To undertake action research in key areas pertaining to good governance and e-governance: G-G, G-B,
G-C, identify and disseminate principles and practices that work and promote e-Governance coupled
with process reforms as tools for Good Governance;
. To work with government departments and other stakeholders to analyses key issues in governance,
identify solutions, help develop action plans, and support implementation of governance reforms;
. To act as a think tank and help translate government goals, objectives and policy priorities into tangible
reform actions, programs and projects in the areas of governance;
. To create bank of best practices and tools in governance reforms including e-governance applications;
. To identify those areas for change that will make the most impact in improving performance and
policy-making in government and enable government to respond better to needs of the people;
. To support and promote Right to Information and promote transparency and openness in government
at all levels;
. To support change management programs in government to effectively carry forward governance
reforms and to develop a reform communication strategy for wider implementation and to build
capacity within the government;
. To provide consultancy support services to provincial and local governments, national and
international organizations in the areas of design, action research and implementation of governance
reforms, including administrative reforms and e-Governance.