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Objectives, Role and Functions of ICTA in Good Governance
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Broad Areas of Focus:
The goal of the ICTA in good governance contribution is to assist Central, Provincial and Local Governments in transforming governance and public management systems based on a Good Governance Framework, while leveraging the powers of ICT. It is to support the design and facilitate implementation of governance reform action plans and e-governance initiatives across the country. ICTA would undertake action research, provide professional advice to, and conduct change management programs
for government departments and agencies, to help formulate and implement governance reform/egovernance
agenda successfully. It would work closely with policy makers like Ministers, officials, experts and
other stakeholders, especially civil society organizations and citizens, to provide an efficient, effective, responsive, caring and committed government.
ICTA Key Objectives in Good Governance initiatives in Afghanistan:
The objectives of the ICTA would be:
.To undertake action research in key areas pertaining to good governance and e-governance: G-G, G-B,
G-C, identify and disseminate principles and practices that work and promote e-Governance coupled
with process reforms as tools for Good Governance;
.To work with government departments and other stakeholders to analyses key issues in governance,

identify solutions, help develop action plans, and support implementation of governance reforms;
. To act as a think tank and help translate government goals, objectives and policy priorities into tangible
reform actions, programs and projects in the areas of governance;
. To create bank of best practices and tools in governance reforms including e-governance applications;
. To identify those areas for change that will make the most impact in improving performance and
policy-making in government and enable government to respond better to needs of the people;
. To support and promote Right to Information and promote transparency and openness in government
at all levels;
. To support change management programs in government to effectively carry forward governance
reforms and to develop a reform communication strategy for wider implementation and to build
capacity within the government;
. To provide consultancy support services to provincial and local governments, national and
international organizations in the areas of design, action research and implementation of governance
reforms, including administrative reforms and e-Governance.

Role of ICTA: ICTA is expected to play the role of a “catalyst” for governance reform in the country by assisting Central, Provincial and Local Governments with action research and change management for good governance as an ‘institute of excellence’ comparable to the very best in the world. It is expected to network with all key stakeholders in governance and have access to the resources of similar institutes of excellence in the world. Every governance program requires a lead body of some sort in order to support the design, management and coordination of reforms on a regular basis. This body would also overview the progress of reforms independently, provide feedback to the centre of power and suggest appropriate integration of initiatives under the strategic direction of high level political and official management. It will also be a bank of best tools and initiatives in good governance and e-governance – nationally as well as internationally.
The ICTA is envisioned to be a multidisciplinary think-tank at the national level engaged in practical research in governance matters and functioning as a bank of best practices, reform initiatives and methodologies. It is to offer a lead role in the area of linking e-Governance tools to Good Governance practices and assist in the development of human resource capacities in Governments to support reforms by working on change 5 management and capacity building programs. The Centre is to work on aspects related to research on interrelationship between the three tiers of government – Central,Provincial and Local. It is to focus on the interplay of three actors: the State, the Private Sector and the Civil Society on matters relating to governance. It is also to address issues of Institutions, Delivery Mechanisms and Regulatory Frameworks. Further, it is to deal with research on the processes of Policy-making, Implementation, Assessment and Feedback. In short, the ICTA is expected to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all aspects of analytical research and guidance for governance reforms and preparing top leaders and civil servants to promote, embrace and assimilate principles and practices of good governance and e-governance. It would provide strategic and analytical support for change from mal-administration to good governance across governments, public authorities and agencies.