Technology of Afghanistan




Introduction to ICTA Company:

ICTA is a pro Afghan Information Technology company had commenced its activities in 2004 which it now provides technology solutions to over 100 customers (including Ministries, Entrepreneurs, Banks, Capital Markets, Education and Health Management Units) spanning a range of verticals. These solutions and services include Managed IT Services, Application Software Development & Maintenance, Website designing, Automation system of Budget and Administration, Attendance Mechanism, Payroll System, Asset Management System, Payment Solutions, Business Intelligence, Document Imaging & Digitization (Admin Automation System), IT Consulting and various Transaction Processing services and Electronic Solution for Assessment and Recruitment.The founders of ICTA have more than 10 years’ professional experience inside of Afghanistan as well asoverseas. Vision: Solutions for Sustainable IT Development and to harness the power of knowledge, technology and people for good governance.

Mission: Our mission is to use our experience and innovation to help our country be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause each to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results. Furthermore, ICTA would aim to be a premier institution in guiding governance and e-governance reforms in Government of Afghanistan, Provincial Governments, Local Bodies, Private Sector, Civil Society, etc. in Afghanistan and the developing world at large, by bringing together knowledge, technology and people. ICTA would strive to be among the very best in the region in the area of practical reforms to foster growth-oriented and people-centered good governance.



.Pursuit of excellence

.Respecting the customer

.Commitment to result

.Outstanding team work

.Effective communication